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Meet Greg

"I have learned that when you decide to be a difference maker and then succeed at being one, your intentional actions effect everything that has some type of  connection to you."

Greg Phillips

The Black Community's Paradigm Shifter


 The mission of GLP Enterprise is to minister to and effect change in the black community by using the following divisions: 1. The inspirational division. 2. The practical “Paradigm Shift Process” workshop division. 3. The Mentorship division. 4. The consulting division.



The vision of GLP Enterprise is to effect change in the black community by challenging and equipping black men to make authentic changes in their life to be better men to become effective fathers that will have a lasting influence in their children’s lives.

Greg Phillips

What is GLP Enterprise?

GLP Enterprise 6 Core Values


1. A full time follower of Jesus Christ.

2. A believer in the black man’s ability to improve his life.

3. A 100% commitment to being the black community’s paradigm shifter.

4. A 100% commitment to serving black men, exclusively.

5. A 100% commitment to challenging and equipping black men.

6. A 100% commitment to black men being on the front line and behind the scene to effect lasting change in the black community.

GLP Enterprise Is Not…


1. A Political Organization Movement.

2. An Activist Organization Movement.

3. An Anti-White Organization Movement.

4. An Anti-Woman Organization Movement.

5. An Angry Black Man Organization Movement.

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