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"The Paradigm Shift Involves"

Updated: May 17, 2020

Greg is on a mission for men

1. Black men

         -- The source of the problem.

         -- The solution to the problem.

2. A confrontation 

          - To be a solution the black man must confront himself.

          - Blaming others will not solve the black man's problem.

3. A self- healing process

          - The black man will take himself through a personal practical healing process.

          - The healing process involves the whole man, which consist of the spiritual, soul, and physical. 

4. A self discovery process.

           - The black man will redefine who he is an individual man.

           - The black man will create his own self image based on his thought process.

5. An application phase.

            - The black man will develop a practical plan that will lead him to be a better father that is based on him being a better man.

The black community's paradigm shift starts and ends with the black man being the driving force to true change in the community.  Black Men, start your change TODAY!!!

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