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The Paradigm Shift Process

Greg, through his business and nonprofit, is the black community's paradigm shifter because he is intentionally targeting black men to challenge and equip them to make authentic changes in their personal life.

He challenges them to change from the inside out. And he equips them to take a spiritual journey within themselves that has the potential to change every aspect of their lives.

The Paradigm Shift Process allows men to do the following:

1. It allows men to escape/ free themselves from past hurts, pain, frustrations, and failures.

2. It allows men to define themselves as individual men.

3. It allows men to find their reason(s) for living life.

4. It allows men to create a life that they are in charge of.

Greg facilitates "The Paradigm Shift Process" through his GLP Equipping Black Men Enterprise's 12 week workshop.

If we, as black men, don't take charge of our lives we can forget about making the black race a better race. Our black women and black children are screaming for us to rise up as men and take our rightful place as leaders to lead them to the promise land of having a better life. 

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